Aluminum Recycling | Aluminum Can Recycling Service | Temple, TX

815 N. 14th Street, Temple

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We'll happily recycle your aluminum cans for you. Please bring them in empty and clean. Do not mix them with aluminum foil, other aluminum products, or steel cans. Your cans do not have to be crushed!


your aluminum at our facility

Bring in your aluminum can collection to clear out your garage and earn some extra cash.

Get rid of

unwanted cans

Get pickup service when you need it

If you have a large aluminum item that you can't transport, pickup service may be available for you.

Get fast, friendly service from a business that's been family-owned and operated for over 80 years!

In addition to aluminum, you can recycle many other types of metals with us, including copper, brass, steel, and much more.

Recycle all kinds of metals with us

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