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815 N. 14th Street, Temple

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When you want to take advantage of our recycling options and get paid for unwanted recyclables, but can't get your large items in to us, give us a call. You may find that your items are eligible for our pickup service!

Let us do the work with CONVENIENT

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Ensure capacitors are removed from electric motors and that propane bottles have valves removed, please.

Special instructions for large items

Ensure your appliances are ready

Refrigerators and air conditioning units must have the refrigerant removed and have a visible hole.

When it comes to picking up recyclables, trust in a team that's part of an 80-year, family-owned tradition of great service!

Not only can you recycle your unwanted metals and other items with us, but you can also buy affordable, quality new and used steel products.

Get the new and used steel products you need

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