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815 N. 14th Street, Temple

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From larger metal parts and devices to aluminum, copper, steel, or other scraps, our business will happily recycle it all for you with fast, dependable service. Best of all, you'll get paid cash for your metals at a fair rate!          

Don't let your


go to waste!  

• Iron

• Tin (mufflers, car parts,


• Tin white goods

Ferrous metal items are worth CASH

Non-ferrous metal is hidden treasure

• Aluminum

• Brass (esp. plumbing brass)

• Copper tubing and wire

• Stainless (all grades)

With over 80 years of family-owned history and tradition, our company always puts the customer first!

• Automobiles: These need a clear title or a DOT certification for demolition, and the fuel tank must be empty and placed on the back seat. We cannot accept loose tires, but tires may be on the vehicle.

• Appliances, capacitors, propane bottles, and refrigerant bottles:  These have certain limits on them, so be sure to read our policies.

Recycle large items with us

scrap metals milk barrel